Awarded unearned Accelerate to Elevate route badge

Hello. Completed TDZ stage 6B (Mountain 8) last night, saved the ride and exited to the main menu. Jumped from there into a pace partner cool down on Triple Flat Loops and was immediately shown a banner congratulating me for having completed the Accelerate to Elevate route. I later checked the Companion App for the route badge, and it had indeed been awarded even though I haven’t earned it. Since I do plan to earn it this weekend, I don’t really need it to be removed, but figured I should report the bug in case it’s part of a bigger problem.

Hi Bo,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue.

I sent you an email with some additional details.


This issue has previously been reported in the forum. I’ve gotten unearned badges for four A routes while doing the B or C events.

I got my badge when I entered the pen. Unfortunately I had to do the whole route to get a result :grinning:

This would probably explain why I didn’t appear to get the route complete banner after slogging myself up the alpe yesterday on the cat A ride (as I had done cat B on Monday; I didn’t get a banner to show completion of A2E then, but I hadn’t hopped onto another ride on that session which may have been the trigger for the banner - and having checked the badge is unlocked).

a glitch has given me the accelerate to elevate route badge this morning. anyone else experiencing this?

I get the completion email for every TdZ event while I’m in the start pen, and Companion shows the event as complete. I don’t get the route completion banner since I’ve already completed all of the routes used so far, but it’s probably the same issue.

I did cat C yesterday, legends and lava route, didn’t get any banners, but wasn’t expecting any as I’d done that route plenty of times already. Logged in this morning for a TTT, no banners… after the ride decided to check and see if I had any new badges and sure enough Accelerate to Elevate is there, never done this route before and never saw a banner for the achievement… I guess that means I won’t get the extra XP award when I finally do this route in the future either?

Hi, I had the same problem last week. Badge appeared done for Accelerate to Elevate but I didn’t ride it. Is there a way to fix this or we have to ride the route to get the XP ?

Thanks for your help.

Same here. Never did the route, never signed up for an event on that route, but got the badge. No idea what triggered it.

I also got a route badge for Muckle Yin today after doing a makeup for TdZ stage 2 c, and I think I was awarded Champ-elysees in addition to Lutece Express when I did stage 4 originally.