Badge not rewarded

Last week, I rode Accelerate to Elevate and I had really great legs, with a new PR on the Alpe, 58 min.
So I was really happy to see not only the route badge, but also the Liftoff! badge.
But checking my badges in the Zwift app, I can see they have not been rewarded.
Strangely enough, in the companion App, the Accelerate To Elevate route is correctly marked as completed.

I have seen numerous other reports of this, and for me this really is a bug. It really should not be too difficult to process the activities after being registered and make sure all badges are required.

I had this with Temple Trek, it shows as finished in the companion app correctly, but the badge didn’t unlock in the app. I went well past the finish line on it as well and made no turns etc (though it was my second ride of the day, and I didn’t fully shut down the app, so that might have messed things up maybe?).

For that one it’s not a big deal because it’s such as short route I can redo it at any time. Would be more annoying if Accelerate to Elevate didn’t unlock :slight_smile:

not too bad to do the route again, but doing the Alpe in less than an hour for the Liftoff badge would be a challenge…

If you have a properly saved ride that shows you did the full route, contact support and they’ll probably give you the badge. They can do it if they want to.

do you know how to contact them?
If I try the support link on the website, I’m not getting any further than a chatbot that serves me FAQs