New to Zwift basic question

When I choose a route prior to a ride and I don’t manually choose to go off track by choosing a left/right option at a juncture, does the default being me on the route I chose? Sorry for basic question but I’m new to Zwift.

If you don’t press anything at all, you’ll stay on the route you chose from the main screen and should eventually loop back to the start (bear in mind some routes have very long lead-ins before you’re actually on the route itself). However if you make any manual turns whatsoever you’ll not get the route achievement badge for completing the route, even if you turn back onto it.

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Dave, so once we’re on a route if we don’t change it when asked, it will default to the correct route?

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Yep, so for example if you choose the Watopia Hilly route and set off riding, you’ll see the direction prompts pop up at every intersection but if you don’t touch anything you’ll stay on the Watopia Hilly route indefinitely. It’ll take you the right way.


I appreciate the fast response!! I’m amazed at how slow and how little power I have for what was used to be an amazing sprinter. I guess that’s what accidents do to people. I can’t wait until my next few rides to try it out again!

Thanks again!