Route Ideas/Lock in Route

Hi Zwifters,

I would like to ask for my chosen Zwift route to remain on in the
background if you know what I mean.
As an example, if when I am in Watopia and I chose the Volcano
flat route, if I deviate from it to enter the Desert Flats Area, when
I leave the Desert and rejoin Ocean Boulevard I would like Zwift
to then lock me back on to my chosen route until I once again
decide to leave it. Should I then rejoin my original route once
again, lock me into that route again etc.
This would remove the need to keep checking or looking for
every turn point to ensure that I am on the ride I want as I find
once I have left original route I can get sent anywhere, which is
not what I want.

“Ride On”


I’m new and thought that if you selected a route it would automatically keep you on it if you did not choose to make a turn. Not so, as I see the time so far for the route disappear when I have ‘missed’ a turn. I can’t tell if it is just ‘luck’ that keeps me on routes sometime or because of lower number of intersecting routes?

An option or change to keep on pre-selected routes would be good.

Your initial assumption is correct. Zwift does indeed keep you on the selected route unless you make a manual turn.

But what confuses things greatly especially when you’re new (I can remember being very confused by this when I first started) are the leaderboards and other timings (e.g. KOMs) that appear while you’re riding. Your selected route might well take you away from this segment before you get to its finish, and you would think that Zwift would take this into account and not show you something that you’re not going to complete but it doesn’t and still shows it. Similar things happen quite often with elevation profiles, where it can show you the upcoming profile of a different turn-off to your own route.

I’m pretty sure that this is what you’re seeing.

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