How to stay on route with steering controls on?

Is there a way to properly lock the directions such that you can stay on the route you’ve selected, even with steering on? I selected Four Hoursemen today, and after 35 minutes, it accidentally took a wrong turn and dropped me out of the route. Let me just say that this totally spoiled the ride, as I wasn’t about to start over again one of the longest and hardest routes in Zwift because of a glitch. I’ve got an Elite Rizer which can do steering controls, and I suspect I involuntarily selected a different direction in one crossing.

Even before I got the steering controls on, I do recall having weird issues like this happening once in a while which I could never explain. Yes, the “correct” choice is always selected by default, but it’s just too easy to accidentally change it, and by the time you notice it, it’s already too late, you have to start over again from the start. Why does Zwift even suggest alternative directions when following a given route? I will disable steering controls entirely for now because it’s just too easy to make mistakes with it, but ideally, I’d just like a way to lock my directions such that I could keep using steering controls knowing it won’t randomly cancel my current route by taking a wrong turn.

There’s already a thread running for a feature request to lock your rider on to the chosen route. Go here and vote it up. .


Thanks, I upvoted it and commented on it. This is really a deal-breaker for steering controls, and I’m surprised there’s no fix for it yet.


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