Staying on a course with steering

I noticed recently that with steering I can’t stay on a course, i.e. Neokyo all nighter is really hard, and discovered there was a recent update to support steering at junctions. I use steering for the in depth experience and taking a line through turns but now if I’m anywhere near a junction, it takes me off course. I realize that there were many requests for steering support at junctions but it would be nice to somehow be able to lock the course. I know I can disable steering too but that ruins the experience. Is there any current way of locking the course and if not, any possibility of that in the future?

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I use the Zwift Play controllers for steering and they don’t take me off course, steering with the play controllers doesn’t select turns. What device are you using?

I think it was last October.

I’m using the Elite Rizer. If I happen to be following a turn and a junction comes up it quickly follows my turn. If I’m not watching carefully I don’t see where the juction would normally go and it quickly switches to where I’m turning.

Thanks for the pointer!

that is definitely a bummer! Hope they change that.