Route Lock / Sticky Routes

I’d say it’s at least four or five times now I’ve started a ride with the aim of completing a route, then about halfway round something has happened to take me off the route and all progress has been lost; I’ve had steering block input end up choosing a turnoff I didn’t need, I’ve had sweat drops dripping onto the app while I chose a powerup resulting in a U-turn - and on one occasion recently I’d done ~48/56km of a route, was head down for an effort, and when I looked back up I’m riding in the opposite direction because a sweat drop has triggered an about turn - that’s bad UX.

It would be handy if when choosing a route (or even just globally in the settings) I could choose to only ride that route:

  • I don’t want to take any turnoff unrelated to that route
  • I don’t want to perform any u-turns
  • I don’t want to be able to take any action which counts against the route badge I’m aiming for

This could be handled by either greying out the options and disabling steering-related-turning, or by creating a route mode wherein there are virtual barriers across irrelevant turns, somewhat like we have in races.

I don’t really mind what the actual mechanism is, the key thing is that I’d be locked to this “sticky route” going in one direction.

Just happened agin, this time 15km into a route - it picked up a prior steering input as a route change BEFORE the dialog had even popped up.

I’m begging you to please implement this before I cancel my subscription, it’s incredibly frustrating.