Accidental U turns and route changes

I do hope they do something about accidental route changes that cuts your route progress.

Happened to me twice already and I’ve seen people post the same issue.

Really frustrating when you’re in the zone, 50kms in, and just want to check something, then boom…

Pretzel badge flies away.

Admins please fix this!

This isn’t a widely reported issue to be honest. Can you give us more details about the frequency and history of this issue?


Maybe not here in the forums, but ive seen a few reports in the interwebs for us laptop users.

The arrow buttons, as we know, are in very close proximity to each other and when you’re in the middle of a climb or a hard effort, you sometimes miss what you want to press.

I usually press the left and right buttons for the in-game options, but when i miss them and hit the down button, boom… badge effort gone!

Happened like 3x already and ive seen seen some peeps post the same prob.

Hope theres a way to go back when you to a u turn or like a “return to route” option.

I am pretty sure if you do a u-turn and then do it again you will still be on the route and still get the badge.

The arrows are for route direction changes if you change direction you will also not get the badge. So if you are looking for a badge your fingers should not be close to the arrow keys.

I would say using the camera is more dangerous as that can take you off route.

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I use the arrows for the in-game options like camera views, HR/Power curves, etc.

Nope, once you do a U turn, or any turn for that matter, the route progress bar is gone.

Yep, I’m not a badge hunter but done this a few times on new routes as I have a nosey around at graphics / different views (and still got badges). I do tend to be stopped or close to it so I think if you travel too far (time or distance) before trying to correct then you’ll miss out.

Havent done this since route progress bar was introduced so behaviour may have changed.

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I will have to check.

I remember when the Alpe was introduced you could not do a u-turn otherwise you would not get credit for the badge, but that has since changed.

Good thing there are new routes so I can test it.

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An accidental u-turn followed almost immediately with another u-turn will not impact badge hunting last time I tried it a while ago. Let us know what you find out Gerrie!


Yeah, that’s my recollection as well, a second U-turn quickly after the first one keeps you on the route at least in some respects.

Good thing the U-turn works again as well so we can test it.


So you have to u turn immediately after u do a U turn?

I tried it earlier, like, 2-3 seconds after i accidentally did a U turn, didnt get the progress bar back.

@Miguel_Rigor prior to the progress bar, u-turning back to continue the route (reasonably quickly) seemed to work for us it seems. But of the people that have commented, we have probably all got badges for all routes prior to the route progress bar function appeared. So let someone (looks like Gerrie but I’ll try later today too) check this out since the new Neokyo routes provide us some new (and short) routes to test against.

My reply was based on the assumption the op was saying Zwift was doing turns itself rather than operator error.

My advice would be that when badge hunting don’t fiddle with camera views or anything else.


Great advice in races too - I semi-frequently find I didn’t hit “m” before typing out a chat msg only to find “a” was hit early on in the chat and I look up and the group was long gone and I am left sitting idle. I’m sure I’ll keep doing it too :rofl:

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I Keep telling myself that lol. But sometimes still forget :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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Just did the Sleepless City route with a u-turn followed about 3 seconds later with another u-turn and got my route badge. The route progress bar disappeared after 1st u-turn never to return.

You can see the u-turns at 3min 35sec mark here.

Achievement …


I can also confirm that the route is still active even though the progress bar disappears. Did Tire Bouchon, and 56 km in accidentally hit a u turn, but still earned the route badge after turning back around after a few seconds.