Using Drone Camera View Steers You Off Your Chosen Route!

When you’re following a chosen route, allowing the game to steer around the appropriate turns, and then you use the drone camera view (where you can zoom and change the camera angle), if you happen to be approaching a turn at the time, THE GAME WILL NOT TURN YOU! You will be taken off course.

I’ve had this happen once on a run, and then again on a ride.

Very frustrating this morning because I was 40 miles into the Mega Pretzel when I was using the drone camera. When I returned to the normal view, I suspected I had missed a turn, but with a complex route like the Mega Pretzel I wasn’t sure. By the time I realized that I had indeed missed a turn, it was too late to get back on course. In fact, I don’t know even if it’s POSSIBLE to resume a route when that happens.

I invested almost three hours into completing the Mega Pretzel for the first time only that have all that time and effort wasted! UGH!!!

Please fix this bug!

Couldn’t agree more.

I’ve gotten very hesitant using drone view while following any course, because if you happen to be using the arrow keys to reposition the camera when a directional prompt comes up, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll get sent off-course, without any warning beforehand or indication afterward.

Overloading the arrow keys with two different functions depending on context is horrible usability. Zwift really need to separate these functions. If a user’s smart enough to reposition the camera in drone view, they’re probably smart enough to use ASDW or any other keyboard combination to move the POV.

Please upvote!


So the arrow keys ALSO control turning / not-turning!!?? UGH! I had no idea. I’ve always used the companion app. You’re right. Well said. Horrible design. I thought it was a bug, but what you say makes sense. It’s just really bad design.

Thank you for responding and explaining.

Didn’t know I could move the camera view, kind of cool until like you say the arrow key function is changed so you have my vote.

This may have happened to me today, as I noticed I took a U-turn when reviewing my ride on Strava. I was wondering why I didn’t get the Two Village Loop achievement, and saw the U-turn. I did use the drone view during the ride, and now I’m thinking this may have caused the U-turn.