Drone camera is broken

As title. Verified on multiple Windows 10 systems and profiles.

The drone camera when viewing others is extremely sluggish on the current game version, to the point of being unusable. The game actually takes over control, returning it very slowly back to a view from behind. Going back to myself, it’s the same for a few seconds, then goes back to normal. However this only works if I’m not with a Pace Partner. I suspect whatever’s been ‘fixed’ to stop the camera going daft when joining a PP has broken the drone cam generally.

And no, it’s not meant to be like this. It’s high time there was an actual known issues log somewhere with each game release, because this is amateur and embarrassing.

Hi @Dave_ZPCMR

Sounds buggy to me. I’ve reached out to the team to try to get some attention on this. Thanks for flagging it up.

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Hi @Dave_ZPCMR

Heard back from the team and the issue has been identified and bug reported. I’ve tagged this forum thread with the bug report number for added visibility. Thanks again!


I sure hope they fix it. I use cam 0 exclusively, and really depend on it when sweeping so I can see an accurate distance of who I’m trying to help and be able to see who’s falling behind.

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I often ride using Camera 0 (nice pulled back 45 degree elevated view), but it always seems that when I select a Pace Partner to ride with, moving the camera left/right ends up with a route change away from the PP I was riding with. What seems to be happening is Zwift confuses a left/right action for the Camera with a direction change. I wish you’d fix this so that when Camera 0 is being used, left/right applies consistently to the camera, not requesting a route change. :frowning:

Couldn’t agree more. This is especially infuriating for anyone trying to complete a route badge, especially the longer ones. Overloading two completely different functions on one set of buttons is horrible UI design.

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Slightly off topic but on a similar theme it is really annoying that the turn buttons replace the workout buttons on the map view on the companion app, a turn always seems to coincide with me wanting to skip a segment or increase or decrease the wattage of a segment.

Just happened to me, moving the 0 camera around while riding with a pace partner… go back to view 1, pace partner turns left and i go right :man_facepalming:

But at least we got a new font… priorities ya know.

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Looks like Zwift took the approach of eliminating camera 0. Today, 0 just drops down behind you and you no longer have any ability to pan around. Zwift PLEASE bring that back!

Nah it’s just bust in some circumstances and has been for ages. Drone camera is broken

YAY!! Zwift fixed camera 0. Thanks Zwift!

I don’t think any changes have been released in the time frame you’re looking at. It’s probably just the circumstances or something random.


Definitely no fix.

Well, last night cam 0 just dropped behind you and that’s it. This morning it behaved as usual, meaning I can pan around, etc.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. See OP.

I used it 2 days ago and it worked like normal.

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Weird, I’ve never had it not work. However, I do always get to it by using the sequence 0 9 0. The first 0 often gives me an angle I don’t want, the 9 gives the high view and then the next 0 gives the same view as the 9 but I can control it as desired. Maybe that’s doing something? Or maybe I’m just lucky.

Pretty sure it’s something to do with the Pace Partner joining. Works fine solo and in group rides etc.

I can no longer use my arrow buttons on my keyboard to pan the angles I desired for a screenshoot after pressing “0” to lock the drone cam.

Happened not only in free rides but also for Robopartners and events. The limited camera angles just do not cut it sometimes.