Not following Pace Partner's route automatically

Did a quick search but didn’t see anything obvious.

Has anyone had any issues recently with their avatar not following the Pace Partner’s route automatically?

I had this happen at least twice today. The first time I’d selected a route but then decided to join the Pace Partner group. OK, fair enough that might keep me on my original route if I’m not paying enough attention. But after losing the Pace Partner, I quit the activity then re-joined from the Home screen.

Even after doing this, I still lost the Pace Partner at an intersection. The bunch all turned right while I continued straight on.

IIRC this was with Miguel on Tick Tock.

Were you messing about with the drone camera and moving it around? Doing that always messes with intersections and turns.

Nope, didn’t touch the views at all.

I was running Sauce for Zwift. I guess it’s possible there’s an interaction there, but there shouldn’t be as far as I can tell.

I had the same thing yesterday morning with Constance group on Triple Flat Loops.

macOS 12.1 on Mac Pro 5,1 with RX580 GPU - joined direct from main menu tile and immediately joining at T junction group did a 360° loop at the junction then went normally. Next turn I lost the group, with no way to chase back 5w/kg+.

I rejoined again from main menu, same thing happened after another 4km. I gave up. No changing camera settings either, group is too fast.

I had nothing else running. Only thing computer ran after starting up was Zwift.

I did an hour with cadence today, and didn’t have any issues. Not sure if it’s specific to different pace partners or setups. I’m on iPad.