Losing Diego on turns

I started a ride yesterday and selected that I wanted to ride with Diego. Had some issues when logging in actually joining the pace partner ride (other people have also posted about this issue) but once I got in, all seemed well.

For a good part of the ride when Diego made a turn, it seems that turn was auto-selected so my avatar would follow the route. But at some point when I was about 20 minutes in he would go left and my default selection would be to go straight – or something like that. When I wasn’t paying close attention basically he’d turn and I wouldn’t. I had to restart to find him again, twice.

I figured by joining a pace partner ride my avatar would automatically follow Diego until I explicitly tell her not to… though it seems that it’s the opposite, sometimes? It’d be great to be on rails with a pace partner the entire ride so I don’t have to watch the map so closely.

PS: Thank you team Zwift for Diego - his pacing is a perfect workout for me. Really enjoying and appreciating these new pace partners!

It’s likely that you were put on a route that was extremely similar to Diego’s, but not quite the same, so it felt largely like you were making all the right turns.

Really sorry that this impacted you too.