U turn button needs to be moved

U turn button needs to be moved. I just got taken out of the half prl badge route 5 miles to finish line when switching views. Should be on the other end of the menu bar so people don’t hit it accidentally like I did.

Or, like on ZCA, it needs to be held down for several seconds. Or both.


Agree. Or force a confirmation of the choice within some short period of time, otherwise, reject it.
I have missed route badges more than once, and had to restart the route all over again, because of accidentally hitting the U-turn button. (AppleTV remote).
Another improvement would be for the menu to have a “NoOp” option that would be the default, so that an accidental hit would do nothing. And once an item on the menu was chosen, the menu should again return to NoOp. Put NoOp in the middle, with the most commonly used options (text others?) nearby.

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I’ll add one more comment. When one is in a race or event, or chosen a route to cover (perhaps for a route badge), or joined a pace partner, any action (U-turn certainly; others?) that would take you out of that race/event/route/pace group should result in a reminder of the consequences and require an additional confirmation that this is the desired action.

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