Accidental U-Turns ending route

Had an incident in which a delayed AppleTV remote resulted on me U-Turning by accident. I immediately U-Turned back only to realise after over an hour riding ‘Big Loop’ my route progress disappeared. I continued, finished the route but alas no route completion notification, badge or XP given.

Is it not possible to add a sort of delay to completely ending the route when U-Turning for situations like this? As there is no ‘Are you sure you want to U-Turn’ one missclick can just completely ruin a ride.

Words from a salty guy that missed out on 840 hard earned XP.

Totally agree. Recently had the same while riding the Rocacorba portal climb. Did a u-turn by accident (I think) because my towel activated the u-turn button on my Zwift Comanion App. Zwift route badges / leaderboards etc should also allow for (accidental) u-turns. Strava has no problems with this, so it should be do-able. Zwift recently changed the way a u-turn is activated in the action menu in-game. You now need to hold down the u-turn button a few seconds. Problem is that in Zwift Companion App and (apparently) Apple tv this is not (yet) implemented.

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You might like this feature request which suggests an alternate solution


I had this problem many heartbreaking times. I solved/worked around this by doing these really long badge-seeking rides as a Meetup with a friend who knows I don’t need them to ride with me. Got to invite one person to save the meetup.

Just curious–given that the u-turn is activated by a (really) long press, what was it that happened that resulted in an accidental u-turn? You have to hold the button for about 5 seconds, ime.

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if it is like the down arrow on a keyboard there is no long press, just tap the down arrow and you immediately u turn.

some wise man suggested something similar just 5 years ago!

Oh nice. This doesn’t allow you to turn / deviate from the route?

I never use the keyboard, only the Comp App. You can u-turn with a single momentary key press on the keyboard?

Yes, it seems that you can not deviate from the Meetup route. This is also useful when you invite less experienced riders who might otherwise wander off…

I have to long press on my keyboard.

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maybe they changed it - it used to be the same as left and right at turnings in that if you just tapped it you would u-turn.

i don’t use keyboard shortcuts so haven’t tried it for a while

Secondary caution to badge hunters: Occasionally the Meetup route selected is a tad shorter the the actual badge route. Keep riding until you see the badge earned screen banner displaced. This happened to me on one of the new Watopia routes. Not one of the brutal mountain routes…

I had exactly the same accident also on Rocacorba… :slight_smile:
So I think that i will have to do 26 climbs to get the Legs of Steel badge !