Apple TV auto changing routes whilst riding help

Fairly new at Zwift so hoping I’m missing something obvious.

I use Apple TV for Zwifting, I select a course and off I ride.

When you get to a fork in the road it gives you the option of making a turn with a countdown, however I notice about half of the time it ends up taking you off the course I wanted to go on, without me selecting anything.

This never happened when I was just using my iPad (it used to give you the option to turn, but if you didn’t select anything it would keep you on route). The Apple TV doesn’t seem to do that - it seems to auto select changes unless you override it - problem is

  1. I don’t want to have to override with my remote
  2. I often don’t know which turn is the correct one for the route I’m on.

I’ve just tried a 20k route and tried different combinations of always selecting what it give me, always selecting the other choice, and never selecting anything and there seemed to be no consistency to whether it would keep me on route.

Help please! Thanks

Just ignore the turn signal Zwift will keep you on the course

Yeah that’s my experience when using Zwift on an iPad, but NOT on the Apple TV.

It will often auto select the turn taking you off course. This it without any interaction from me (don’t even have the remote handy)

I’ve never had this experience on my Apple TV, and I don’t recall others reporting it here.

Are you sure that it’s taking you off route and not that you’re just misunderstanding? You did say that you’re fairly new, and Zwift can do some confusing things like showing you leaderboards and segment times for something that you’re only doing a small part of.

Give us some more specifics.

Quite possibly. The reason I though it was taking me off route was the elevation graph (under the mini map in the top right) will change when a turn occurs. Is that supposed to happen?

The elevation graph is often misleading as it doesn’t accurately take into account the route you’ve selected. It’s a bug really. I use an Apple TV and it does follow the chosen route, even though the elevation graph sometimes changes at turns - just ignore it and one day it may get fixed…

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Thanks both, that’s good to know. Thought I was doing something wrong!