Selected Route - Required to manually navigate?

Wahoo kicker core. Apple TV. Companion app on iPhone

New to Zwift - level 7 / around 10 rides. I have been freeeriding and joining events mostly.

Today I selected 3 sisters route to ride by myself. After a couple of hilly route laps I gave up as I wasn’t advancing to other parts of the course. It was asking for direction input which I ignored until I got tired of doing laps. Stopped ride. Restarted app. Selected volcano Climb route as with 14k down, I didn’t have time to restart 3 sisters. After doing trips back and forth to Italian villas, had to manually navigate to volcano Kom route.

What am I doing wrong? And man it would be nice if you could see your planned route on the screen or app to take out the guesswork.

If you select a route you should not have to make manual turns, Zwift will navigate for you.

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I’m with you. That’s why I posted the issue. I can’t wayfind in real life, no chance I can do it in a video game or would try.

I understand the game to work so that if you manually change course after selecting a route, the game selected route ends. I didn’t do this.

I started in what I think is the correct general location, and just peddled squares like usual. But, the route didn’t go beyond the immediate area and I was doing laps of the first area.


Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Looking at your server logs - I’m seeing you logged into the game app from an iPhone, then subsequently logged out three time from an AppleTV. Logging in from multiple devices simultaneously will cause all sorts of wacky issues, including this one.

If the ATV if your preferred device - please uninstall the game app from your phone / tablet to avoid this conflict. The Companion app is still very useful to run from your phone, though.

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Awesome. Thank you for the information. I was having issues with Apple TV indicating there was an error with the account. I will delete from everything but he Apple TV.