Getting sent on wrong route

I’m using Zwift on the Apple TV. Multiple times I have selected Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop and been sent on Hilly Loop instead. Each time swift indicates that I have selected the route I want but no dice. This is really frustrating, am I doing something wrong?

You’re probably incorrect in thinking that you’re being sent on the Hilly Loop. You will see your time for the Hilly Loop until you turn off of it, and you may see the leaderboard for the Hilly Loop as you approach the finish banner, but just keep riding. You’re not on the Hilly Loop. The UI is just misleading.

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Thanks for your reply, Jim. Both rides are loops. I rode until I returned to downtown and went through the finish. It was a six mile ride instead of twelve. Also, I’m under the impression that Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop goes counterclockwise and this was a clockwise ride. For these reasons it really seems like the wrong route.

Having the same issues the last few days. I also use an Apple TV box to run Zwift and when I select Road to Sky it puts me at the start of the Hilly Loop. I have to exit the game, try again and if lucky it eventually takes me to the correct route. Been using Zwift on this setup for +1 year never has this issues before, looks to be caused by the recent update. No solution, just living with the frustration.