AppleTV 1.20 - Stuck on Hilly Loop

Hi, the last two rides, I selected different routes, Mountain 8 and Climber’s Gambit, but even though Zwift counted down the km to these routes, I ended up being led around the Hilly Loop lap after lap.

In addition, today, I also recieved a message that my subscription needed to be “restored” within 4 days, but after starting the route the first time, I got the message that the trial had expired. Apple recently confirmed my subscription status per email, so this is completely incorrect. After restarting the app, I could ride, but ended up looping the Hilly Loop, even though the route selection and countdown showed the proper route.

Starting the route though, it read “-2741…” as if something had gone completely wrong, but reverted to a plausible display when I started riding.

On top of it all, my 30d-PRs from the first ride this week ( also stuck on Hilly Loop ) didn’t show, and much older values were displayed. Not a big deal, but perhaps a hint if this bug is known.

Based on what you wrote in the title of your post, my guess is that you need to force a Zwift app update on your ATV. You wrote 1.20, but the current version on ATV is 1.21.2. Give that a shot and see if it corrects the issue.

Hi @Lars_Ulveland

I’m Steven with Zwift’s tech support team, and since it looks like this is your first time posting on the Zwift Forums, welcome to the community!

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into some trouble with Zwift during your recent rides, and I get how that can be cause for confusion or frustration. I’ll do my best to explain what I know, and advise you accordingly on the suspected bugs or issues.

With regards to your being on the Hilly Loop, I believe that’s actually a segment of a route and not an actual route in Watopia. There’s a route called Hilly Route, but not Hilly Loop specifically.

I’m wondering if you’re perhaps looking at the leaderboards which shows the name of the route segment (e.g. Hilly Loop) and perhaps confusing this with the actual route ridden, which would technically be whatever route you selected at the drop-in screen prior to starting your ride; in this case you’d mentioned Mountain 8 and Climber’s Gambit were the routes you picked, so I suspect you were actually on those routes and not just stuck in a continual Hilly Loop.

You can find more information about worlds and routes in this article.

If you’re still thinking you were not on the Mountain 8 or Climber’s Gambit routes, feel free to write in to our support team, and ask about it. Our support agents have the tools to actually take a look at your account, and oftentimes we can see what route you were on. This is typically also evident in the log files.

As for your billing issue, that’s a separate matter, and in my experience it does seem you’ve been impacted by a known issue. But, in order to investigate and confirm this, we’ll need one of our accounts specialist agents to take a closer look at your account. For that, I can only advise that you submit a support inquiry here, and we’re happy to work with you.


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Hi, thanks for your quick reply.

I am aware that the Hilly Loop and the Hilly Route are not the exact same thing.

While this is my first post, I have used Zwift for a year, and logged over 3000 km, so I know my way around Watopia and have ridden both routes before. Both the routes I selected should have taken me up the Epic KOM, which did not happen.

For the record, I do not use steering, and by habit never change course or turn around, although I did notice recently (can’t say which day), that the bike turned around on it’s own as I stopped pedalling up a steep hill. As I was done for the day, I didn’t look closer though.

The route bar at the top of the screen listed the selected route, but the path followed was that of the Hilly Loop. Three times up the Hilly KOM is not easy to overlook.
I just double-checked Strave and noticed that the first time it happened, it actually took me around Hilly Loop backwards, thus repeatedly up the Hilly KOM Reverse. This at least explains the 30d-PRs, which is then a non-issue.

Should I proceed with a support inquiry for this topic as well?

I do recall that I had a similar billing issue once before, quite possibly even exactly a year ago, if that makes sense, which would have been a month into my subscription. I do not recall how it got resolved.

I’ll make sure to force an update of the App, and will get back to you if the behaviour persists.

Hi @Lars_Ulveland

Thanks for your reply and for clarifying those points. I can see that you’re an experienced Zwifter, and based on everything you’ve said, it does sound to me like seemingly buggy behavior from the Zwift app. I’d say you could benefit from speaking with our support team, and your issue will likely warrant a direct escalation to Tier 2 technical support.

Since you’ve got a few different issues here, I’ll create a support inquiry on your behalf, you should expect an email reply from me shortly with more information. Thanks!

Lars, if you get a resolution to this could you post it back here please - this is an issue that pops up periodically (quite a few when Neokyo landed) and would be good to be able to point people to a solution, or at least a reason (as well as I’m just a bit nosey :slight_smile: ).

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@Dean - If I had to guess, Dean, it sounds like a kind of misrouting bug, and as I understand this can sometimes be confirmed with certain things in the log files. It’s a bit above my head, however, so if basic things like force closing Zwift and restarting the app on his Apple TV between rides doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s likely something we’ll need to flag up to a higher technical authority on the team. We’ll see how it goes.

@Steven_D For what it’s worth, Apple TV does not have any log files to review. :cry:

Def a bug but far from common. When its popped up in the past, people are sent off on routes that dont exist as such, weirdness occurs with route countdowns. I’ve checked log files for u-turns, route selections and all are aligned to my logs (never had the issue myself). Also occurs IOS and Win. Fairly sure I’ve sent people your way too but if its still happening and not easily repeatable …

That really needs to change

Hi Dean and Nigel. Our support team can sometimes get the logs for ATV Zwift rides. We get them from the cloud using internal tools, but you’re correct in that currently the Zwift community by and large can’t download the logs for ATV. Hopefully that’s something that will change in the future. Good idea though.

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Hey Lars, did you ever get a solution here? I’m experiencing the same thing. The app is fully up to date but I’m stuck on Hilly Route every time I select a route.

On your Strava activity it looks like you did a u-turn with the very first pedal strokes.
Maybe this bug →

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Yes! As soon as I loaded in I did a U-turn. The route progression is still active and shows the countdown but the load and U-turn is definitely an issue.

I’m surprised that the route bar stayed there, but as soon as you did the u-turn that took you off your chosen route and you then just went on a journey with Zwift taking default choices at each junction.

Are you using Apple TV? If so, are you perhaps putting the remote down at the start of your ride but accidentally pressing/swiping to do a u-turn as you do so?

Agreed! I’ve had the same behavior on 3-5 other rides, where I U-turn right away, but the progress bar for my route remains. Strange behavior which makes me think this is more of a bug and less about user input issues.

Yes, I’ll be trying to not use the control at all once route has started loading.