Avatar goes around in circles-2nd day in a row

Hi Folks,

My husband rode the Watopia map last Saturday and got stuck between tunnels when his avatar just kept circling. He gave up the ghost and I updated both the Zwift & Zwift Companion. Today, I reinstalled Swift, just for good measure but when he logged into London, it pulled that same stunt at around 20 minutes.

He’s using a Kickr Snap as his trainer and the app is through an Apple TV using his Zwift Companion. I’ve had issues like this, but it’s usually after a major update. Any clue what’s going on? It sounds like a game bug. Is anybody else experiencing this?

Hi @Marcia_Blanco welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Question for you: do you and your husband both Zwift using the same AppleTV? I looked at your server logs ,and the operating system on your ATV is a little dated - version 15.3.0. Sometimes when the OS needs an update, weird things like this can happen at the application level.

According to Apple, the latest version is v15.5.1. If you follow that link, it’ll take you Apple’s instructions on how to update your ATV box.

Would you try that and let us know if things behave as they should?

If no - it appears that you and your husband each have your own Zwift accounts, is that right? Please don’t share his account info / name here on this public forum, but in order for us to look into his account, pull his game logs and troubleshoot his situation specifically, please have him contact us privately at zwift.com/contact-us. Feel free to refer to this forum discussion for context.

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I’ve been injured and off the bike for a while and the AppleTV that I use is only for Zwift. That may be why the firmware needs to be updated. I will check on his and get back to you. Thanks for the help!