Terrible rendering on coastal crusher

I used Zwift today (Coastal Crusher). On the west-bound return leg the rendering was really terrible (jerky movement of avatar). This has happened before to me. Once I left he coast and entered the Jungle loop then Zwift went back to normal. Any ideas on why this happens?

What is the spec of the platform that you’re running Zwift on? Sounds like you might be running it on a PC that can’t cope with Zwift these days (Watopia is more graphics/CPU-intensive than it used to be).

I am using Apple TV 4K with a Samsung QE55Q80B 4K Ultra HD (2022). Weird thing is that it just seems to be that part of the route. All other locations in Watopia and other worlds are ok.

Reboot the ATV. Do you always force-close Zwift after each session or just leave it running in the backgroind? You should always force-close it.

Hi, I’ve got the same issues with apple tv I’ve never had problems before with it. On the newest version.
I’ve got a feeling it all started with the last update in January. I’ve done all the usual stuff deleting app, removing all graphic intensive stuff ie screenshots, video grabbing etc. I wasn’t able to ride with Coco this week because as soon as we left Tempus onto the new Big Ring route everything started freezing up. Hopefully this will be solved with the next update