AppleTV... degraded rendering quality


Since the last few AppleTV Zwift updates (say early December), the rendering quality has significantly degraded; e.g. trees and fences are fading in with an ugly raster, xmas trees lights were flickering al the time, houses can just pop pup when close by, objects/cyclists have an ‘flare’ (white-ish contour)…

What has happened?

Rendering in 1080P is another story… but this is… disappointing.

Is there a way to fix this?



When the new south coast road was added, the entire Watopia world became significantly demanding - they overhauled graphics everywhere, so perhaps that coincides with your experience.

If it’s actually some kind of malfunction on your device, the best way to correct it would be a factory reset of the Apple TV. That’s probably worth trying since it’s not very time consuming.

about Watopia… that could make sense; we also saw significant ‘stuttering’ and ‘rendering flaws’ in “everything bagel” ; note it was not only like this on my AppleTV :frowning:

I will factory reset the device just in case; but I expect that the Zwift dev team has some refactoring/optimizations to do…

I haven’t seem this on my Apple TV (first gen 4K). Which model do you have? A reset is definitely worth a try.

it is about A2169… second gen.

If this were a widespread problem I think we would be hearing screaming all over the forum and the Facebook groups. Hopefully that means a reset will sort it.

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