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Using the latest Apple TV graphics in some sections of Watopia, Scotland and Makuri Island are displaced. This has been occurring for several weeks. The attached image is an example taken in Watopia riding up through the village prior to the castle. The graphics positioned us riding through the cafe floor (my companions heads are circled). Similar graphic errors occurred throughout the village. This has also occurred in Scotland on the KOM and in the coliseum. I update the OS and Zwift on my Apple TV regularly.

Welcome to the forum Bill.

I’m another ATV user like you and generally find it quite stable and reliable.

What model of AppleTV are you using (HD, 4K gen 1, 2, or 3?) You mentioned running updates regularly so I’m assuming you have the latest TVOS and Zwift app.

“Nuke and pave” often fixes glitches like this on TVOS, if you’re so inclined: factory reset the ATV, update the OS when it restarts, then restore apps and settings from your iCloud account. The process is pretty quick and would ensure there aren’t any corrupt files.

I’m using
Apple TV 4K gen 3, 64GB
TVOS 16.5
Zwift 1.43.2
I have done a full uninstall and reinstall of Zwift to try to solve this issue.
My friend with the same Apple TV has also uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift and continues to experience these issues. We ride together one of us will see correct graphics the other will have displaced graphics.
Below is an image where my graphics are displaced, my friend with the same hardware and software had the correct graphics displayed.

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Also, the graphics will stay displaced for the duration of the ride. If I turn around and go back on the same road the graphics are still displaced. If I return to this route on a future ride everything will be correct again.

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In Makuri Island my sky rendering had errors (see frame from video below). The other riders did not see the errors.

This is worth trying if you’ve tried everything else