New routes graphics heavy?

Is the new coastal expansion more graphics-heavy? I have a strong internet connection and have never had any drop-outs problems with Zwift or other software. But when exploring the new routes, I have more often than not experienced failing graphics, stuttering images etc.

This Tuesday was worse than ever: I raced the Going Coastal route, Stage 5 of Race Watopia. Everything looked fine until 10 km, when I lost connection for around 17 seconds. Meaning I could see the road, the lead group disappearing etc, but no power, no HR, no progress. When I could continue, the image was very erratic, like I only got every tenth frame for the rest of the race. I lost connection again five minutes later, but only for a second. Very frustrating.

Again, I have never experienced anything like it anywere else in the Zwift worlds.
My set-up is the last generation Apple TV 4K 128 GB.

yes it is going to stress systems, even high end machines are reporting drops in frame rate and reduced performance. I hope Zwift can optimize it more so it doesn’t continue to cause these issues. Does Apple TV have the video screenshots? Turning that off can help.