Missing graphics (the road!) on AppleTv

Just done a race on Lutece Express events.php?zid=2019016 and a weird graphics issue on an unchanged Apple TV 4K. Basically the road/ground missing on the whole south loop of lutece and really plain road texture elsewhere. Equipment unchanged, done the same route many times before with no issues, no similar issues seen through ToW or other recent rides. Can’t see a similar report recently hence logging.

The textures etc for that are all stored on the client device. So on the Apple TV in your case. I suggest deleting the Zwift app and reinstalling it to see if that helps. Though it might be worth a simple reboot before trying that, in case just that clears it.

Thanks. Will wait until Paris is next on the schedule to test before and after.

You can create a Meetup in Paris to test it whenever you want. You only need to invite one other person, and they don’t even have to show up.

Why do we keep having to reinstall Zwift?

I see the point where one has no other way of working around an issue - but I am lost as to why Zwift would write such software that requires repeat re-installs.

Maybe while your previous installation, some files went missing or some were corrupted and it means now the app doesn’t work properly.