Roads “floating” on Apple TV

With one of the recent updates for Apple TV it now appears that many of the roads are “floating” above he surrounding ground. This appears most pronounced at the points near the user avatar and when the road is turning. Not sure what’s going on with this, but it’s a little creepy!

Hi Jeffrey,

It looks like this is your first Zwift Forums post, so welcome to the community!

That sounds suspiciously like a display bug or issue. Just to rule out the possibility that it’s not a glitch unique to your Apple TV device, save and exit the Zwift app (and all your other apps), then pull the power cord out of the back of the unit. Plug it back in and that should power cycle the device. Launch the Zwift app and see if that clears up any weird display issues. You can also try deleting the Zwift app on the Apple TV and then reinstalling a fresh copy from the App Store.

If that doesn’t help, please submit a support request if you haven’t already done so, and a Zwift team member will be happy to take a closer look at this matter.

Also, the next time you see the floating roads, please see if you can grab your phone and snap a few quick photos for our reference. If it turns out to be a game bug, photo evidence can help our dev team to reproduce the issue and then work towards a solution. Thanks for your help!


Thanks for the response. I’ll try power cycling the ATV today and see if that helps. If not I’ll try deleting and reinstalling the app to see if that helps. If neither do I’ll try taking some pix and send them to you.

If it makes any difference, this was most pronounced Alpe this past weekend. If it were IRL I would say that the road appeared to be about a foot above the surrounding ground. I was doing a workout and could actually see the ‘gate’ signaling the end of
the interval underneath the road (if the gate was in a curving section of road, anyway). The issue also seemed more pronounced near my avatar and not so bad ‘in the distance’.

As a sidelight to this, but related to the workout function, I also noted that I am no longer heard the countdown sounds for the last few seconds before a workout internal completes (I.e. right before passing through a ‘gate’). Is this another possible
issue, or was this something changed in a recent update?

Again, thanks for getting back with some possible solutions!

Jeff Bauer