Glitches on Appletv

I’ve been using zwift on Apple TV for a while, but lately I’m experiencing some glitches, during the entire ride, y restart, reset, update my Apple TV and still having the issue

what glitches ? I use AppTv also and as far as I know Zwift works the same as always …

Is like you were running zwift on a slow PC, it constantly stops for milliseconds

Today’s Haute Route (0805 CDT start time) started the frame drops about 1/3 of the way up the Alpe. Up until then, it was smooth as always.

Two hours ago I finished my ride in NewYork (free ride, 1:05 hour or so) and honestly I haven’t had any serious issue (other then usual :slight_smile: ). Everything seemed to be OK for me. No glitch, no fail, no low framerate etc …

Maybe you were in Watopia (that world was quite busy today) or took a part in some event?

Same issues with me on Watopia.Constant lag on Apple TV.Rode NY & it was perfectly smooth as normal.