TOW Stage 4: Poor Graphics

Tour of Watopia Stage 4 was marred by poor graphics. On AppleTV, the ‘dust’ appeared as square pixelated areas. This issue didn’t exist previously on a similar route with the jungle surface. The pixelated areas increased as more riders were in the same area, creating a distracting and unenjoyable experience.

I’m disappointed no one from Zwift noticed this before launching the latest update. Your customers shouldn’t be your QA testers. So maybe instead of spending resources on ridiculous whims like Zwift hardware, you should invest in the core game experience. Enough with the glitches.

They should make it rain regularly in the jungle. Fixed! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I didn’t see this and was in a large group at the start and for a while afterwards. Then, did most of the ride w/a group of five for the 3 loops of the B race.

Your Apple TV and Zwift both updated?

Do you force-close Zwift after every session?

Sounds like a glitch on your ATV. Mine was fine for Stage 4.

I use the new Apple TV 4k and seen this anomaly multiple times but intermittent.
Yesterday I did Stage 4C and got the same as you are showing. Blocks where there when there should be nice choking dust. After the ride I decided to force close Zwift to clear the cashe and then did Stage 4B and I had dust. Seems to be a graphics cashing issue on the Apple TV. Whether or not it can be programically fixed by Zwift remains to be seen, but its no biggy just force close after every ride as this for me fixed the issue when the resistance was wonky previously.

Force quit after every ride should be part of every Zwift session on AppleTV, iPads, or iPhones. It solves/prevents lots of issues.


Did stage 4 last night on a low powered laptop with onboard graphics running Win10, no glitches like that for me. Dust is a little over the top in a large group, but that is a separate issue.

Thanks for the suggestions. I checked to make sure Apple TV and Zwift are running the latest versions. And I force quit Zwift app after every session- which a well designed modern app shouldn’t require but that’s a different issue.

Since the latest Zwift update, I’ve had random odd graphics issues that weren’t there prior to that update. On TOW Stage 3, some of the trees were shimmying into place. I thought it might have been an Internet issue but it wasn’t. Not as distracting as the square dust in the jungle.

Perhaps there is a glitch with a certain type of Zwift graphic effect.

The swaying trees are not new. That issue has been around for quite some time in various places.

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Really nice graphics on my side, but due to the huge amount of riders at Stage 4 there was a lot of dust. Sometimes you couldn’t see anything. :crazy_face: I really enjoyed it!

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