Routes not completing on Apple TV 4k

Using Zwift on an Apple TV 4K version number 1.21.2. I am noticing that when I complete a pre-selected route, there is no notification and the route distance remaining indicator stays at zero. I attach a couple of screenshots. This is happening with all routes I have tried. The same effect also was observed with tour de zwift routes also. This prevents the routes from being credited.

I have a couple of images that show the effect, these were taken a few seconds apart, and you can see that the distance remaining stays at zero.

Hi Tim, welcome to the forums. Are you making sure to fully close Zwift by double clicking the “Home” button on your Apple Remote after you’re done and swiping Zwift away? Apple TV likes to keep apps minimized in the background and can start to develop some quirky behavior when Zwift isn’t fully closed in between sessions.

If you reach out to support we can look into getting the missing route badges credited if you want, but we can’t trigger the bonus the XP from them

Thanks for the reply - I don’t really mind about the route badges or XP, I just wanted to flag this as it appears to be a bug and I would like to get it fixed.
Yes I am closing/restarting the app and the effect is the same on each route.
Seems that people are reporting very similar issues in the post titled: rides-arent-reliably-staying-on-routes/


I took a peek at your activity the other day and it looks like your avatar did a U-Turn at right around the 45 minute mark instead of continuing up the KoM at the end of Climber’s Gambit. It’s odd that the route distance tracker didn’t go away when this happened as you were no longer on route, but since it’s the actual segment checkpoints that trigger the route complete achievement that would explain why there was no popup when the distance tracker hit zero. It looks like the issue in that other thread is about having an incorrect start location messing up the route distance and the distance tracker.

Lucas, thanks for the deeper dive. Your description of the U-turn in the middle of the ride is accurate for my ride on the 8th, and this may have been a result of the issue Jurgen just posted, however, my ride yesterday (11th), had no U-turn, nor did my tour de zwift ride on the 5th. Yet the problem was the same on all of these. (I only started using ATV on the 5th, I was using a PC before that)

One point of note though is that as I started the ride on the 11th, there was an immediate U-turn as I started moving. The remote was not touched, and the route stayed on screen for the whole ride, so I did not correct it, as I assumed it was something intentional by the software.

Thanks in advance for any further ideas.


Aside from making sure your Zwift app is updated, double check that your Apple tvOS is also updated. Also, as mentioned above, make sure you force quit the Zwift app after each ride to avoid weird or intermittent problems.

In the past, I have never seen route incomplete issues w/my AppleTV. And today, I completed a Neokyo route w/out issue.