U-turn bug with ATV remote

I think I found a very big bug yesterday with the AppleTV remote control.

Short version:
If you tap/touch!!! on the lower half of the ATV remote control, you immediately perform a u-turn.

Long version:
On yesterday’s new route “Climber’s Gambit” I reached for the remote control in the first third of the route to change my sock color. What you do usually on a longer Zwift routes. :rofl:
I grabbed the remote and my avatar immediately turned around. I made another U-turn using the companion app as quickly as possible in the hope that I would get the route badge anyway. The route details were gone, but I finished the route on the Epic KOM, including the badge. After descending, I tried to reproduce the U-turn again and found out the behavior as I described. At first I thought I had to swipe from the bottom up, but it´s really just a tap/touch at the lower half of the touch-sensitive area.

Can other ATV users please confirm this bug? Thank you!

ATV 4K (2017): tvOS15.2
Zwift: latest update 1.20.0 (1.0.100231)

In order to rule out that I only dreamed it all, I tested the bug again today. :wink:

You’re not alone: U-turn on AppleTV

Yes it messed up my first attempt at Legends and Lava yesterday. Happened again today but after finishing Climbers Gambit so caused no harm as I was reaching for the remote to end the ride.
Not great if you accidentally touch the wrong part of the pad.

I thought I was going mad as this happened twice to me when I finished group rides. It seems to be sporadic but I thought it made me being clumsy, but it was exactly as you described above

This still happens frequently, at the start of free rides, after the end of group rides, and I had it even once during late join. :man_facepalming:

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Confirmed. This exact thing has happened to me twice during long badge rides. I really hope Zwift can fix it… or make some safety function so you cant lose your ride.

After almost 3 months, the bug has still not been confirmed by Zwift? :man_facepalming:

Absolutely confirmed - it’s happened to me multiple times lately. It’s cost me more than one route completion, because once you get U-turned on an uncompleted route, even if you immediately correct it and get going back in the right direction, Zwift doesn’t award the route completion badge.
I’ve learned to never touch the ATV remote until end of ride, which is a pain because the volume controls work to adjust my sound system volume during a ride.

The thing is that it’s likely not a ‘bug’, as this is probably the intended behavior. Perhaps you would like a different behavior for a U-turn (whether a different action on the remote or a confirmation before actually making the U-turn), but that would probably need to be put in ‘Feature Requests’ instead of ‘Bugs and Support’.

I completely agree that randomly u-turning without even touching the remote, including late joins, is a feature.
The noobs just don’t get it.

The lower half of the remote? So the shiny bit below the buttons which isn’t touch-sensitive? Sorry but this doesn’t sound likely. I have an ATV so am familiar with the remote.

It sounds like you accidentally pressed a button or the touchpad section while picking up the remote, and I know that’s easy to do.

I’m glad this one could be squashed swiftly and with authority. :man_facepalming:

Touching a non-touch-sensitive part of the remote does nothing. That’s for sure. It would be helpful to correctly define the problem.

I don’t think anyone said this is happening without touching the remote at all. If that is happening to you it is definitely a bug. This thread, though, seems to be about the sensitivity of the ATV remote if you happen to just tap the bottom portion of the touchpad.

Please watch the tone in the conversation.

It’s fairly hard to deal with coincidence. The first time this happened to me, slightly before the OP, it seemed to be triggered by putting the remote on the table. Which can happen, due to wear and tear. In the following months, it turned out to just happen randomly at the start of rides (which is the time I’m personally most likely to hold, fiddle with or put away the remote).

How does one even watch a tone? :thinking:

Either you pressed a touch-sensitive part of the remote without realising (easy to do while picking it up, especially if you’re not looking) or a button, or your remote is faulty.

The newer (silver) Siri remote is chunkier and easier to pick up, and it also has a smaller touch-sensitive section.

I heard from a couple of peeps whose remotes turned faulty in the same time window. As I said, coincidence is the worst.

The lower part of the touch-sensitive area of course. Sorry for my ambiguous description, english is not my first language.

Try to tap/touch (not press) this area while riding and see what happens. My avatar will immediately do a u-turn.

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