U-turn bug with ATV remote

I think I found a very big bug yesterday with the AppleTV remote control.

Short version:
If you tap/touch!!! on the lower half of the ATV remote control, you immediately perform a u-turn.

Long version:
On yesterday’s new route “Climber’s Gambit” I reached for the remote control in the first third of the route to change my sock color. What you do usually on a longer Zwift routes. :rofl:
I grabbed the remote and my avatar immediately turned around. I made another U-turn using the companion app as quickly as possible in the hope that I would get the route badge anyway. The route details were gone, but I finished the route on the Epic KOM, including the badge. After descending, I tried to reproduce the U-turn again and found out the behavior as I described. At first I thought I had to swipe from the bottom up, but it´s really just a tap/touch at the lower half of the touch-sensitive area.

Can other ATV users please confirm this bug? Thank you!

ATV 4K (2017): tvOS15.2
Zwift: latest update 1.20.0 (1.0.100231)

In order to rule out that I only dreamed it all, I tested the bug again today. :wink:

You’re not alone: U-turn on AppleTV

Yes it messed up my first attempt at Legends and Lava yesterday. Happened again today but after finishing Climbers Gambit so caused no harm as I was reaching for the remote to end the ride.
Not great if you accidentally touch the wrong part of the pad.

I thought I was going mad as this happened twice to me when I finished group rides. It seems to be sporadic but I thought it made me being clumsy, but it was exactly as you described above