Pace Partners Glitch?

Has anyone experienced this issue ? (I’m using Apple TV)
Whilst riding with a Pace Partner, if I press the menu button to check anything in my profile and then return, I find that I’ve done a U Turn and I’m riding in the opposite direction.
Everything continues to work as normal, there are no other issues but I’m now no longer riding the same direction?

It has happened to me several times and I have to wait until the Pace Partner group comes round again so that I can rejoin without quitting and restarting

Interesting. Which model ATV are you using? Which remote?

There have been a few threads about unwanted ATV u-turns in recent months, but there was often mention of an unintended swipe-down motion, or the down click-button, IIRC.

(I’ve just started using ATV for my main set-up this past weekend – 2021 4K model with new remote; I’ll try to test this out later today.)

My guess is that you are using the ATV 4K with the second-to-latest remote, right? The one with the ‘big’ trackpad and no clickable left/right/up/down arrows?

If so, my suspicion would be that you are not quite hitting the Menu button squarely. On this remote the Menu button is, effectively, right at the bottom of the trackpad. And, unfortunately, if you just tap the bottom of the trackpad your avatar will perform a U-turn. I don’t know if this is a new ‘feature’, but I saw it in another thread and tested it myself. It just takes a quick touch and you’re going in the reverse direction.

So, try to be sure you press only the Menu button and see if this issue goes away.

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Thanks for the reply

I have the HD, not the 4k.

I think your theory may be correct because, when I login after loading the app, instead of logging me on, it goes to the “add user screen” which is the next option down, even though I am careful not to move the cursor down.

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Thank you.

I’m on the 4th gen but not the 4k version.

What you describe does seem feasible. Thanks for your response

4th gen (HD) and 5th gen (first 4K model) both use the same zapper, that Nigel was referring to. :+1: