Failing to join pace partners

for the last three times I have tried, I have failed to join the relevant pace partner.

In this instance as I joined it seemed like I was landing in a large group, but then my avatar did a U turn and I was on my own. You can see a weird line in my strava track, so wondering whether it is joining in the wrong place??

I am using apple TV HD with zwift version 1.20 installed. Trainer is Direto XR.

I could be wrong, but I’m guessing that your u-turn was triggered by an unintended gesture on the Apple TV remote. Check out this recent thread, which describes the same thing in different circumstances: U-turn bug with ATV remote

This has happened to me a few times lately. A couple times with the u-turn, and a couple times I’m way behind the pace partner peloton. Windows 11, Wahoo Kickr Bike.

thanks for this. I actually don’t even have an ATV remote - I use my iphone.

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