ATV & Pace Partners

Whenever i want to ride with a Pace Partner, choosing a Pace Partner with ATV is becoming a real pain. When trying to scroll down the list, the blue highlighted box to pick the partner you want never scrolls with the remote. They are all remain ‘white’. Even when trying to scroll down i am never able to see all the Pace Partner because its jumps to cancel before reaching bottom of list. It takes multiple attempts of scrolling up & down, moving from Cancel & Select back to the list of Pace Partners. It shouldnt be this awkward to chose a Pace Partner with ATV.

Anyone else have the same problems?

Another bug bear is that when I have successfully chosen the Pace Partner I want & click select, why does it automatically go back to the list of events rather down to ride? It makes no logical sense. If i chose a pace partner why would I want to join an event?

Lastly can we please have all the Pace Partner is different colours? Having the three slowest the same colour is annoying. When ‘free riding’ it would be beneficial to know which pace partner is ahead or behind you instead of just an Orange/Yellow Pace Partner icon. Even for those coming in the opposite direction, individual colours would make a difference in deciding whether I want to do an about turn and join them.



Pace partner selection is a lot better on Apple TV with the new home screen/UI, rolling out now so hopefully you will have it soon :crossed_fingers::+1:

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Drag your finger (or thumb) on the trackpad to position the window so the desired pace partner is visible. The currently selected pace partner may not be visible after you position the window. Use swipes to move the selection from one pace partner to the another until you get to the one you want.

The focus changing to events after selecting a pace partner instead of going to “ride with” is just a typical example of the lack of attention to detail you find throughout Zwift.

I agree, extremely difficult. hard to scroll down to Ds, then it flips to the ERG switch or the RIDE button. If you go back up, the order has been scrambled. It would be nice if there were different roles for

  1. sliding up and down in center button on ATV remote
  2. sliding finger around ring on ATV remote
  3. clicking up and down on ring buttons on ATV remote.
    Currently all 3 of these do BOTH scrolling within a list and scrolling to the next button. It would be REALLY helpful to dedicate one mode of input to ONLY scrolling within a long list (like pace partners) and NOT allow this mode to switch you out of the list EVER.
    You would have to use a different form of input (ring buttons?) to switch out of scrolling the list.

This is a critical UI problem. They need to practice this more at Zwift HQ with a current ATV to see the problem.

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Still not yet…

Yeah it’s been really bad since the last update. I have the newer remote and always managed fine but since the last update Iv struggled to pick a workout, route and change bike

Just got the new UI on the ATV, which is better.
I would still like to have the 3 scrolling input modes

  1. dragging finger across center of remote
  2. sliding finger around ring
  3. clicking up and down on ring
    represent distinct actions

This is a UI software issue, I think - assuming that the ATV remote is providing these as 3 distinct user input data streams.