Zwift Play controllers buggy with Apple TV

notice a few of the buttons with the zwift play controllers don’t work as intended on my Apple TV 4K late 2022. The 2 I found is the y button won’t activate a power up at all, and pressing and holding back button doesn’t u turn me.

The Y button works for powerups for me ok.

On the u-turn, was it in a free ride (not an event where you can’t u-turn)? You have to press and hold it and be going above a certain speed (not barely moving up a climb) for it to work.

In free ride, I think it’s a bug with the specific hot key as all the buttons work as I’m able to use the zwift play controller to go into the small menu and hit the uturn button. (Like how I would have had to do it with the Apple TV remote). I can also go into the settings menu and use the down button to navigate around.