Route selection not working

Route selected from the start screen, didn’t work. It’s happened many times. Screenshot attached.

I’m running the application on an Apple TV.

Ride ID: kjRhIlYufnb

EDIT - correcting myself - the last ride you did looks like Hilly route.

What route did you select?

Thanks for the quick response. I had selected the beach island route. It’s even displayed in the UI in the attached screenshot, but I didn’t follow it. Strange behavior.

Yeah thought that was the case. Has been rare reports where people are sent off the wrong way/wrong route etc… you’ll need to open a support call and provide them with log files etc (they’ll tell you what you need).

Probably be good to reference that thread given Zwift Support got involved.

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That’s helpful, will do. Doesn’t look like there is a fix for this bug out there yet, but we’ll see what they come back with.

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@Devin_Wiles Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and since this is your first time posting a thread on the Zwift Forums, welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear about the buggy route and UI behavior in Zwift. I get how that can be frustrating, but I’m happy to help.

I had a look at your account, Devin, and I was able to download a few of your Apple TV Zwift log files (we get those from the cloud on our side). I noticed the last few log files are fairly large in size (over 137 mb each), which in my experience usually means that the Zwift app hasn’t been force closed between app sessions.

When the app isn’t force closed on your Apple TV, it can sometimes create buggy behavior on the next ride (or next few rides). So, I suggest that you consider making a regular habit of force closing Zwift after saving your ride, and when you’re done riding.

This article has more information on how to force close Zwift.

In my experience, force closing the Zwift app between app sessions is honestly one of the better preventive measures I’ve found which can be helpful to avoid unseemly bugs and issues in Zwift.

Maybe give that a try, Devin, and let us know if you continue to have issues on your next few rides. Sound good?

Thanks Steven and team, while the bug persists the work around of hard closing the app or shutting down the Apple TV between workouts is working. The workaround isn’t great and has its issues but has mostly fixed the issues I’d originally reported.


I don’t think it’s a workaround it is just how the ATV works.

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To add on top of what Gerrie said, it’s also not something exclusive to Apple TV Zwift either. I’ve seen buggy behavior in Zwift when the iOS or Android app is left running in the background for days on end without a proper force close between riding sessions.

I consider it a best practice of sorts to force close apps on mobile devices (and Apple TV) when not actively using the app, as opposed to leaving apps running indefinitely in the background. Some apps handle being left open all the time better than others, but as a general rule, force closing apps that are not actively in use can help to mitigate buggy behavior in said apps, Zwift included.

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The navigation bug doesn’t occur when the ATV is shut down or the apps are shut down. It works around the bug. Whatever it may be called, it’s a temporary solution until the bug is addressed.