Changing direction is now an issue -- Apple TV

After the new update for Apple TV the feature to choose the direction when coming to a fork in the road is no longer supported on the companion app.

Earlier you would get the options on the screen and you could use the companion app to choose which direction you want to go, however after the new update, it shows you just one icon and one has to click that icon to see the different choices available. This has made it mandatory to use the Apple TV remote cause you cannot see the options on the Companion app and hence you are unable to use the companion app to do it.

Please do something about this or even take it back to the old system which at least gave us the option to use the companion app over the Apple remote.

when the direction icon shows up tap the remote and your choices should show up. worked that way on my last ride

Yes I know. My point is that you cannot do it using the companion app. Now you need the remote

On your AppleTV, please power it off and unplug it from the power cable for about two minutes to clear the device cache. Plug it back in and boot it up, then visit the Apple App Store. Please check for updates to Zwift.

I’m noticing it looks like your Companion App keeps disconnecting while you’re riding. Please ensure your Mobile Data network on your iPhone is completely disabled and if your phone has more than one WiFi network in the area memorized, you may need to access your WiFi settings and delete saved network credentials to keep Companion from moving from one network to another.

Please let me know if that helps!

Thanks for your reply David, but this is not what I was talking about. My companion app and Zwift have been upgraded, the issue is a smaller one actually but it makes it a bit cumbersome to use over the previous version.
Let me try and explain it…

When you are using the app on Apple TV and you are riding, the following thing will happen. You will come to a fork on the road and the app previously would give you all the options available for you to take. Left Right or forward. So previously I could easily see all the choices and then just make my choice on the companion app by clicking on one of the (icons) options I wanted.


When I come to a fork in the road it gives me one icon which needs the Apple TV remote to be clicked for me to see the available choices. This is the real issue, earlier I did not need to use the Apple TV remote to make that choice but now I need to cause the screen is not clickable on the companion app.

I hope you understand the issue.