Direction changes in companion app

(Chris Lenthall ) #1

Any chance of getting the change direction box’s in the companion app as when using the Apple TV remote it can sometimes be a bit hit and miss

(Simon Bannister) #2

It’s already there?

(Paul) #3

The directional change buttons will show up on the ZCA when you are near an intersection.

(Chris Lenthall ) #4

I am on the latest available companion app on iOS and have never seen the direction boxes come up only the one to do a u turn , where do these show as they don’t appear on the map

(Paul) #5

They will show up ONLY when you are close to an intersection (they will appear at the same time as when you can make the selection on screen).

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #6

This is typically how It will look when approving an intersection


(Chris Lenthall ) #7

Thanks for replying I will check this when home later , but I am sure I would have seen this
But there again I take my glasses of to ride

(Chris Lenthall ) #8

Thanks for you help , I saw them this ride ,don’t know how I missed them before
Many thanks