No map in compagnion app with apple TV

I switched over from my ipad to my AppleTV but I don’t see my remote options (and map) anymore on my companion app… both devices are connected to same wifi-network.
I can see on my companion app that I’m currently riding and my distance is displayed and updated while I’m riding, but no map(s) or icons for direction changing, view mode changing, chat options…
Is this a setting ?


You might try force-quitting both apps (on ATV and iPad/iPhone) after each use. I don’t understand why, but this seems to help.

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thanks Nigel, I’ll try it next time I use zwif.

Pascal, this happens to me very occasionally, probably once in every 40 rides and normally when it does happen it’s when I’m in some kind of group ride or event.

I’ve never really tried to fix it however, it’s just normally works the next time I use it.