Apple TV 4k not pairing with companion app

My Apple TV 4k all of the sudden won’t pair with my companion app (which is how I connect multiple bluetooth devices and used to work flawlessly) at all and just leaves me waiting with the companion app endlessly saying “loading map” while the apple tv just waits for it to connect. The companion app says that it’s connected to all my bluetooth devices, so I’m not sure what’s going on!

IN ADDITION: I’ve noticed that when I hit the “menu” button on my Apple TV remote after unsuccessfully pairing, it automatically loads me into the zwift world, with no connections to power meter or anything.

Force quit the apps on both the iPhone and ATV. Unplug the Apple TV and reboot your phone. Make sure they are both still on the same network.

Thanks David, I had already tried that, but just for kicks I did it all again. No success. Still will not pair.

Also, updated original post with another symptom


Yes, I think that’s normal behavior. I have a glitch when leaving one ride and starting another. My controllable doesn’t show up sometimes and I have to force quit the application and start completely from scratch. Sometimes when I am in a hurry I try the remote menu button and damn I am headed to a world, not of my choosing unpaired.

Some riders have to shut off cellular data because their phone is joining the cell network and not their home net. I never have this problem because I have virtually no cell coverage at my place.