Apple TV/companion app issues?

Anyone else have issues when trying to pair sensors using the companion app, while running the program on Apple TV? It was just starting to work properly for me, until late last week, and now, when I pair to the app on my phone, then start TDZ or any group ride(haven’t tried it on a regular ride), it’s like my smart trainer, stops working. It’ll show my watts, but it isn’t effected by the terrain. Not sure if it’s on my end, of something to do with an update.

I’ve had this same issue, but it also will drop all of my connections (saying “No Signal” suddenly for all three devices - power meter, trainer, and HRM), and my rider simply stops riding. It takes awhile, but eventually it reconnects. At this point, if I’m committing to a race that requires a HRM (three connections need the Companion App), I am risking dead-stopping at any moment.

Are you using any other Bluetooth devices, e.g…earphones? Some people find that certain devices can cause interference.

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Yes, I’m using AirPods, but that’s never been an issue in the past.

Same here and several other members of our team reporting appletv connnection issues suddenly affecting them in the last few weeks. I’m on ATV 4K 1st gen with Elite Suito and a Tickr, been rock solid for a year and now suddenly having disconnects mid ride where it drops, go to pair, reconnects, drops again etc. seems to be quite a few folks mentioning similar spread across various threads.

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