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Hi I have been having a multitude of connectivity issues with my Zwift/Apple 4KTV and Training device. I have a heart rate monitor, Kickr Core and Sterzo Smart and cannot get them all to connect. I gave up this weekend and removed the Sterzo Smart. I was doing this all through the companion app. I tried everything, but with no success.
I rode this morning, and even with the Sterzo disconnected my heart rate monitor became disconnected halfway through the ride.

Also I have been doing the FTP 6wk builder program, and two of the rides I completed on Wk have lost their date stamp!.

Very similar issues for me… I use Apple TV/ZC App/Apple Watch… Since the recent Apple TV update, my training workouts (Build Me Up) don’t show completed in the ZC App. Also can’t connect RPM and Controller with the “Use Companion App” checked. Am able to connect using Bluetooth but then can’t get Watch going because of the Apple TV connection limitation. I’ve emailed tickets into Zwift support.

Have you tried with the latest version of ZC that came out earlier today? It fixed some big BT connection problems.

Thanks… I just had it install on my phone 10 minutes ago… will try later today. fingers crossed.

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Similar issues here. 2 workouts on 12 week build me up programme completed Sunday not showing as complete.
ERG not working.
BT Internet connectivity problem

Using Apple TV4k, Companion app on Ipad and Wattbike Atom. Noticed the steering control is now disbled but erg control lost as well. Completely hacked off as now missing workouts on programme until the release 26 Feb bugs are sorted.

Begs a question of quality control on releases…

Mine worked for two days, in fact the best it has ever worked. Flawless. everything connected (after the last update)
Jump on this morning, same old problems. Power is not in line with cadence, cadence at 85rpm pwr at 120W (meant to be 75W) before the trainer was correcting but not this time.
I wish I could just use this thing without continual problems.