Issue with pairing in the companion app

Hi all,
This is a recent development, I’m running a Zwift hub, Garmin Forerunner and Zwift controllers through the companion app bridge to an apple TV4k. For some reason everything stopped pairing. A deeper dive led me to notice that when I’m in the pairing screen on the companion app and click on the hub for example it will connect but as soon as I navigate away from the screen it unpairs itself (this can be seen by the hub light going from steady blue to blinking). Same happens for the controllers. It also isn’t connecting to the apple TV either but this may be a biproduct of no pairing in the app. As far as I can see the tv and phone are on the same wifi. I tried uninstalling/updating companion app and restarting hub/controllers. Does anyone have any ideas? I know android recently did an update to my phone and zwift has also had an update recently but normally when there’s a glitch like this it would be all over the forums if it was widespread. Any help is appreciated, thanks.