Apple TV4K and companion app BT issues

Can anyone help.
I have BT issues when i’m using Apple TV 4k with the companion app and have tried to speak to Zwift support without any luck so I’m putting it out here to see if anyone else has these issues.

I can start everything up from being switched off and get this all working fine. I then have a ride but when I save it and Zwift puts me back on the home screen I loose all the BT sensors. The only way I have found to fix this is to shut down the companion app + trainer and go through the setup process again which is really annoying. Even joining an event when already riding has the same issue.

I’ve also had everything drop out during a ride with a message on the upper LH box (watts, HR, cadence) which said ‘Connection Failure’. Again I had to shut down the companion app and restart all the BT devices through Apple TV but it took ages to get all the BT devices working.

This is so frustrating and I never had this issue when I was using Zwift last year.

I can run Zwift through a different android device (HMDI to tv direct) with the companion app on another android device and everything works fine (but the graphics are poor).

  • Apple TV 4k
    -Zwift companion app on android
    -Kickr snap
    -Wahoo cadence
    -Polar heartrate

Both the ATV zwift software and the Companion app software have been uninstalled and re-installed and are up to date.

I have this exact issue, and it started with the recent update. I haven’t found any workaround, and I’m pretty frustrated with the whole thing. In the middle of a workout, I’ll have to come to a complete stop and figure it out. I also am getting dropped in group rides because I come to a stop and have to wait to go again.