Add Confirmation Step to "Skip Block" button in Companion App

I’ve seen multiple complaints about the location of the “skip block” button leading to accidentally advancing a workout instead of taking a turn due to a miss-click/tap.

I had the issue today where I accidentally skipped 1 section out of a 14 block over/under session and got no XPs for 2 hrs of intervals. Super bummed.

I think a solution to both issues would be a two-step approach to the “skip block” button. If the button is selected, there should be a pop up window that asks “are you sure?”.

What do y’all think?

Wow, Bummer.
I use my laptop (Windows 10, no ZCA or other app) and the key to skip workout steps is the “tab” key and the “right” & “left” arrows are used for turns so I never have that issue.
If your platform has the keys so close then I agree, there should be a confirmation step.
Your original post did not include your platform.

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Thanks Tim, the issue was with the companion app. I changed the title of the post to clear up the confusion.

Ride On!

I would not want a confirmation feature. I sometimes want to skip multiple workout blocks rapidly and the arrows on the Zwift Companion map screen are the fastest way to do that.

But I do agree that hitting the wrong button is too easy and can be really frustrating. For me, it’s more often executing a “U-turn” by mistake, which is especially annoying as one approaches the top of Alpe du Zwift…

Perhaps separating “mission critical” buttons would be a good idea. Put the “Ride On” button between the “U-turn” and “Skip Block” buttons.


That’s a good point, Bhaltair. I can recall a few times where I’ve had to do that. Do you think a 1 second press and hold would be too slow for those times when you need to rapidly advance sections?

I guess ultimately I was most bummed by how many XPs I was denied just by accidentally skipping 1 out of 14 sections. Perhaps Zwift should consider not penalizing users so much and award partial XPs if an interval or two get skipped?

I’ve had a lot of frustrations with the Companion App. I like to give Ride Ons to people. When I do that, I handle my phone and click the orange blob that represents me and five Ride Ons to the people nearby. At least once a week, this action somehow clicks on the Skip Interval button. This is not good! Please separate the social parts of the game from the training parts of it. In other words, move the Skip button off the Map page, just have it on the Workout Controls.


I’ve managed to hit with my sweaty towel :man_facepalming:

It would be easy enough to have it operate in the same was as the U-turn in the companion app, hold it down for 2-3 seconds for it to take effect.


Yes, please! As @Ricky_Dee1 says, at least something that has to be pressed for more than 1 sec… I missed a section today because of the fckng sweaty towel and I was frustrated… I think it has to be changed, or at least make it configurable or I dunno, something else!

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I’m looking to find that skip button would you tell me where it is ? :slight_smile:

“TAB” key on a key board.
I don’t know about the other platforms.

When I’m riding hard my hands are often too sweaty to do anything on my iPhone.

In the companion app, on the map view. From memory it looks like :next_track_button: but with only one triangle?

Or, still in the companion app, on the workout screen, swipe a section it’ll skip to the next.

I think it could work like the stop and u turn buttons, in that you have to hold it down for a bit before it takes effect and that could solve the problem.

I think most buttons should work like this in the companion app, it is too easy to hit the wrong buttons with sweaty fingers and riding hard.

Or a lock button which has to be released before other buttons are active.

Yes PLEASE make a confirm button to skip intervals. 100 minutes into endurance stage and sweaty hands skip forward. Been burned a lot. It’s the worst.

Better yet adding a feature to un-skip if you do accidentally skip? I’ve seen a lot of requests for this option. Thank you for the awesome riding platform!!

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Same same same same!! Pls pls someone move this up in priority! I keep getting burned from unpausing a workout to skipping.

Unconscious skipping happens to me all the time.

The best way I found so far is go to the Menu and reselect your current workout.

That gets you to the start of the current one and you can skip fwd until back to where you dropped off.