Allow jump to next section in training plans

When in a training plan session it would be very handy to have an option to jump to the next section/block if you want to.

When trying out the plans recently I was already warmed up from a previous ride and would have liked to have been able to skip to the end of the initial warm up.



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I think this is a good request - I had to restart 2 times yesterday and I ended up doing the warmup 3 times.  Either a jump to the next segment or the ability to drag to a specific time in the workout would be great.  

This could also serve as the “Cancel” workout request.   If you could skip ahead you could simply skip to the end and let Zwift flip back to regular mode.  

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YES YES YES!!! My computer crapped out mid-ride and I had to restart the workout. It would have been extremely useful to have been able to return to my previous location in the workout. 

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I would like this too. Either that or just pick up a ride where it left off.

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This is alrealdy possible using the mobile link app:

You can pause your workout and as you can see skip the block!

Is this only for the IOS App, I don’t see it on my Android App?

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You can press the TAB key on your keyboard to skip to the next section in a workout.


This button will not be visible if you are not actively in Workout Mode.