In training plan, make ability to skip to next segment

Say I am having a bad time in my intervals, and want to go on to the next section, or I’m ready for my warmup to be done and jump into intervals - make a fast-forward, or maybe even “back” option to skip through your workout segments.

Hi @Erin_Harris1

you can skip intervals by pressing the TAB key on your KB or you can use the companion app, and if I am not mistaken you can also skip using the onscreen menu.

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@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ is right. On Companion app (my testing on iOS) you can ‘swipe away’ an interval to skip to the next interval. On the menu on the game (my testing on Android), tapping the screen to bring up the menu, the first button on the left that looks like a ‘next track icon on a music player’ skips the interval to the next one.

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