"repeat previous" button for workouts on app

At the moment the app has a “skip” button to skip over the current interval in a workout. Useful if you don’t want to complete that interval before moving on the the next. What is also required is a “go back to previous” button. That is needed because sometimes you decide you want to do an extra block of work and redoing the last one is so much easier than logging out and restarting the whole workout (and skipping to the required section). Its also needed because sometimes it could be the you accidentally press the skip button and want to therefore go back to the previous workout step you skipped from (happened to me because the skip button and turn button interchange near intersections - when trying to turn I ended up skipping my workout step, and there was no way to go back to the step without restarting the complete workout - getting off the bike, logging out, logging in, etc - real PITA!)



I often have to jump off to do something and wish to restart an interval/section.  Could be any reason, turn on/up the fan, adjust settings, etc.  Shift+Tab should skip back if Tab skips forward?