Whilst riding, is it possible to go back and redo a step in a custom workout?

(Malcolm Dingle) #1

The app already has a “skip step” that allows you to skip to the next step in a workout. Is there a way to go back a step in a workout as well whilst riding? Useful if you realise you have a little extra time and would like to do something again. Also useful if you accidentally press the “skip” button (which shares screen space with the left/right/straight turn button at times!) - if you do that the only way to go back and continue with the previous step at present if to quit the program, then login again, which is extremely frustrating whilst hot and sweaty and the keyboard is out of reach. 

For all its current quirks and frustrations, I must say the Zwift seems like a game changer in the training app world. 

(Doug Goglia) #2

This would be helpful.  Tonight I had to pause my workout mid-interval/segment to get my dog out of something.  I would have liked to restart the interval at the beginning rather than jump in to the middle of what was supposed to be a longer effort.