Need ability to redo an interval within a workout

Today my cat walked across my keyboard in the middle of a workout and made it skip past 2 or 3 intervals. I could not find a way to go back and redo those intervals. It would be great to be able to go back and redo the interval.

Moving to Feature Requests. Thanks for the suggestion!

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+1 to this feature. I can’t believe it’s not implemented already, why on earth is there a skip forward but not a skip back? I have been burned by this so many times. Right now I’m in the middle of a ride and accidentally skipped a 30 minute block and I’ve just lost a huge percentage of my workout. I am trying to do the Diamondback 112 mile challenge while hitting FTP goals and now I might not be able to.

Please implement this ASAP Zwift. I am so frustrated with this right now.

I’d like to explain why this is so frustrating. If I accidentally skip a workout block, and I really want to get back to where I was, I have only one method of doing so:

  1. End the workout early.

  2. Quit zwift

  3. Restart zwift

  4. Get all of my gear reconnected

  5. Re-select the workout and start riding

  6. Mash the Skip Block button a bunch of times until I’m sort of back where I was.


But this rules me out of endurance challenges like the Diamondback 112 because I lose my mileage. So I ask again, why on earth isn’t there a redo button?


This was requested a while ago at least once or twice, here’s one example:

But there was no response.

Bumping this thread. Can we please get a response?

Without exiting the workout, go to menu > workout > select the same workout again. That will put you back at the very beginning of the same workout without loosing your progress. Just simply reclick that skipping button until you get back to where you wanted…not ideal but a workaround that works…

Agreed, this is really needed.  I have only done about 6 rides and nearly every one I was wishing I could go back and do a segment because i ‘failed’ it.  I stopped pedaling to pick up my towel that I dropped and it failed the entire segment because I stopped pedaling for a few seconds.  No way to go back and redo the segment or pick up at failure point.