Be able to jump into a specific part of a structured workout

(Chris Edwards - MOXIE) #1

Would be ideal to be able to pick a certain part of a structured workout. For example, my computer or Zwift froze on me mid-workout and I didn’t want to have to start at the beginning of the planned workout but since i was using Erg mode with my kickr (and i prefer this with zwift) i wanted to continue in erg mode and doing the workout.

(Gerrie Delport) #2

You can skip blocks with the mobile Link app. You will not get the stars for those blocks but your legs wont know that. i think the keyboard shortcut is :

Skip Workout Step - TAB.


(Chris Edwards - MOXIE) #3

that is awesome! I seem to have problems with my app (iphone) in that i am not able to get to certain screens when i want. this one specifically. when i went to “peek” it used to scroll through to this one but how do i get to this screen directly? i have tried it when i am riding b/c I wanted to show my kids different views of me and i couldn’t navigate to it.