Option or setting to disable selecting turns by steerer

Is there any, I wonder? I use Elite Rizer and have faced an annoying problem: the steerer selects turns by itself because my handlebar is moving a bit when hands are off it being distracted and/or pedaling blindly. I would like to disable this feature, please. Otherwise I can’t complete any route normally :grimacing: Do NOT suggest to unplug Rizer :smile:

If you don’t want steering at all then don’t pair it. You’ll still get the front wheel incline etc… But without steering.

If you still want steering but not the option to make turns then no I’m afraid there’s no option for that.

Oh it’s a pity. Love steering but unpairing of the steer is hm… ok. Will probably try to look into Zwift config files to find appropriate setting. Thanks for reply!

There’s an existing feature request for this

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